Welcome to Emmaus House of Saginaw

 Emmaus House is a home for women, especially women coming from jail, prison, or rehab. Our purpose is to provide the women with a family-like, Christian atmosphere while they are creating new lives for themselves. We see a woman's stay at Emmaus as temporary, lasting until they are able to be on their own.
 At Emmaus we believe that each person has the potential to become what God wants them to be, regardless of what they have done.
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Emmaus House Has Some Unique Features
  1. We try to ensure that each home has a live-in staff or senior "guest" who also claims Emmaus as home, giving Emmaus a real home-like atmosphere.
  2. We have no specific end time for a woman's stay, but each one can stay until ready to be on her own.
  3. To date we have 14 homes. Some are beginning homes and some are homes for those who are no longer beginners.
  4. We receive no financial help from any governmental body. Our staff are "missionaries" working without real salaries.

Emmaus House's 2015 "Festival Of Choirs" Fundraiser
The Emmaus House Volunteers Christmas Party
Each year at Emmaus House we have a very special Christmas Party for all our board members, volunteers, and special helpers who give us their time, talent, and treasure throughout the year. As we have grown over these last 27 years, so has our number of volunteers increased as well. We are ever grateful to all who help us every day and make it possible for us to provide our women with every opportunity possible to make a fresh start! Thank you!
(The exact date and time for the Christmas Party will be announced in the next newsletter mailing.)
Donations for Thanksgiving
We are always very happy for the food donations we receive, especially during holidays, Thanksgiving is no acception. Since many of our guests are away from thier families we have our own Thanksgiving dinner here at the main house every year. All are welcome to come by and share in our Thanksgiving festivities... Please give us a call and let us in advance if you would like to join us. We also like to help out many of our former guests, our helpers, and the community. This means we are need of many Thanksgiving dinner food items including turkeys, stuffing, and all the trimmings in many cases. Thank you in advance for all the wonderful donations we receive every year...
Volunteers for donation pickups
We are in need of some men or women that can help us with heavier furniture and applicance donation pickups.
If you're interested please call anytime, we can work with whatever availability you might have throughout the weeks.
Christmas gifts and volunteers to wrap presents needed...
Christmas will be here before we know it and we are already in need of gift donations for our women as well as volunteers to help us start wrapping and tagging gifts. Every year we try to provide our women (and in many cases their children) with a wholesome Christmas experience and gifts. Many of our guests also have children that are in need of gifts as well, so please keep us in mind this Christmas season. We will be announcing more details of our needs in our upcoming newsletter. Please call or stop by anytime with donations or to speak with our staff on any specific needs we may have.
Morrow Resource Center needs winter coats, boots, hats, and gloves of all sizes.
With colder weather moving in, winter will be upon us soon. We are always in need of donations at our Morrow Resource Center "free" Thrift Store. Donations of bedding, dishes, silverware, pots and pans, and clothing are most sought after. Any donations are welcomed and help to not only provide for the needs of our guests, but also the needs of our community and neighbors.

The name "Emmaus" is from the Bible,
Luke 24:13-34.

In the Bible, it designates the story of Jesus who walks with two of His disciples returning home from Jerusalem on the "road to Emmaus", a city. Our hope is that our women while here, will meet Jesus on their journey toward a better life.